History of the Bay Area Manufacturers Association

1961 The Pinellas Manufacturers Association was formed with a small group of 10 industries in the Tyrone Industrial Park area of St Petersburg.
1962-76 Industrial exhibitions were co-sponsored by PMA with the Pinellas County Industry Council
1976 The name was changed to Pinellas Industries Association
1978 The By Kravetz Scholarship was established
1981 PIA was instrumental in the formation of the Florida Manufacturers Association
1982 The Distinguished Service Award was established
1984 The Joseph Schiereck Scholarship was established
1986 PIA changed its name to the Bay Area Manufacturers Association
1992 BAMA held its first Scholarship Golf Tournament
1998 BAMA initiated its website

Past Presidents

Pinellas Manufacturers Association

1976-77 Paul Magers
1977-78 Walt Stubs
1979-80 Allen F. Gates
1980-81 Virginia Vinson
1981-82 Jerry Fusillo
1982-84 Evan Evans
1984-86 Ole Q. Hansen

Bay Area Manufacturers Association

 1986-87  Gary Julian
 1987-89  Warren Bowles
 1989-90  Glenn Fons
 1990-92  Claude Morris
 1992-93  Donald Whitehead
 1993-95  David Stailey
 1995-96  Robert Pettigrew
 1996-97  Robert Moore
 1997-98  Harris Ellis
 1998-2000  Jean Stailey
 2000-01  Ralph Hall
 Steven Meitzen
 2002-04  Glenn Fons
 2004-06  George Lawton
 2006-07  Leigh Haller
 2007-08  John Boyle
 2009-11  Dave Stailey
 2011-12  Steven Meitzen
 2012-16  Cliff Csulik
 2016 - present
 Rick Concotelli

The Bay Area Manufacturers Association is a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization.

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